Aikos Playschool - Tell a Story

Aiko’s Playschool is an edutainment preschool book and TV series specifically created for home schooling and distance learning in a post COVID-19 era.Oh dear, it’s raining today and 6 year old Aiko can’t play outside with her 4 year old friends, Lil jack and Jill. In this book 12, find out how much fun Aiko and her friends are having indoors as they make it a story telling day. Join them as they count 1 to 10 and learn new letters. Today’s letter is the letter R.In each book, Aiko introduces kids to an important life lesson or topic, the way an older sister will to a younger sibling.Aiko’s Playschool is multi-racial with a lead female character. All episodes follow a preschool learning structure of “Activity & Play”, “Counting”, “Sing-Along”, “Word Gallery”, “Alphabet Song” and a closing reminder of “Regular hand washing”.Kids all over the World can join Aiko in her playschool as she learns more about things around her.

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Book Title: Aikos Playschool - Tell a Story

Book Author: Andy Abulu

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