50 Best Astrophotography Targets For Beginners (English Edition)

Are you interested inastrophotography targets in the northern hemisphere? Do you need goodinformation on objects that can help you as a starting point? Taking images of objectsthat are millions of miles from Earth is about as complicated as it sounds andwhen you start out you will find it hard to target the right ones. Size, brightness andtype are just a few of the more common considerations, but there are many morethat relate to the type of equipment you have to hand and what the best toolsfor the job will be. Now, with 50 BestAstrophotography Targets for Beginners, you have a handy information guide thatwill provide the starting place you seek, with information on: How to get started Tackling close astrophotography targets like the sun and moon What the targets look like The best time of the year to shoot them How big the targets are How to find them What the images look like straight out of the camera And much more...Once you have masteredthe techniques needed to take stunning photographs of these amazing beginnerastrophotography targets you can move on to further reading on thesubject, but making sure that you are taking quality images of some of these isthe first step. Designed with the novicein mind, 50 Best Astrophotography Targets for Beginners provides good, clearinformation in an easily understood format, allowing you to take thephotographs you've always wanted to take. It even includes photographs thatrealistically shows you, as a beginner, what you can expect to achieve. Thereare no NASA or Hubble images in this book! Aimed specifically atthe beginning astrophotographer using a camera such as a DSLR in the NorthernHemisphere, this is the book you have been looking for. Get a copy today and seehow it will improve the way you take amazing shots of the heavens that willimpress and delight friends and family alike!

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Book Title: 50 Best Astrophotography Targets For Beginners (English Edition)

Book Author: Allan Hall

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ISBN: B07D183LX1