Personal Trainer Manual

More so than any other personal training resource available, the fifth edition of ACE's Personal Trainer Manual delivers relevant tools that aspiring professionals and industry veterans can apply to the clients of today, including behaviour change expertise and coaching philosophy. Rooted in the latest science, it marries the most recent peer-reviewed research with input from thousands of top personal trainers and health experts and the natural evolution of our ACE Integrated Fitness Training (R) Model, proven to help professionals deliver custom, individualised programs that work. In addition to new technical standards for cardiorespiratory, functional and resistance training, the manual also features new information about managing a personal training business, engaging graphics that identify key concepts and terms, and essential exercise science information. Most comprehensive personal training resource on the market. Incorporates an engaging layout identifying key concepts and terms needed to prepare for the ACE exam and enable readers to become better professionals. Introduces the natural evolution of the ACE Integrated Fitness Training (R) Model. Incorporates expertise in behaviour change and coaching philosophy, and new technical standards for cardiorespiratory, functional and resistance training. Features additional insights on managing a personal training business.

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Book Title: Personal Trainer Manual

Book Author: American Council on Exercise

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ISBN: B07Y4K9W23